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Sharon Lock’s father was injured in an auto accident;
She bought both SharperBrain and SharperMemory for him.

"Dad fell in love with both programs the moment he started using them. He has seen more results in 3 weeks than in 3 months of rehabilitation.  His doctors couldn't believe the results. They said they will contact you so that more people know about your programs. I will update you as Dad continues to make progress.  Thanks so much for your care and impeccable support." 


Keitha, a university student, came to our clinic after she was hit by a car. She had gone through cognitive rehabilitation, but she still was not able to return to school. She could not think clearly, couldn’t remember what she read, and was easily distracted. EEG tests showed that she was having trouble generating Beta brainwaves, which are associated with the ability to sustain attention. It was pretty clear that her inability to retain information was due primarily to lack of concentration.

We started Keitha on cognitive exercises that focused on her concentration. As a result, her retrospective memory, which involves remembering recent information and things from the past, got significantly better. We then focused on enhancing her working and long term memory, which in turn improved her ability to retain what she read, process written material, and recall it on demand. After three months, Keitha returned to school


Janet was the only survivor of an auto accident in which both the driver and her best friend were killed. She was in coma for three weeks. When she came to our clinic about four years after the accident, she was being treated by numerous professionals for her symptoms, mostly associated with her brain injury. She’d been told that further recovery was not possible.

But Janet had an exceptionally positive attitude. She was determined to do whatever it took to get better. Her main goal was to be able to drive, something that appeared impossible because of her slow reaction time and inability to focus on more than one small piece of information at a time.

After a few months of intensive cognitive retraining in our clinic, Janet developed such a sharp memory that everyone around her was astounded. She was able to read a book while people talked and later recall that information in detail. She resumed playing the piano, went back to school, and started taking driving lessons, to the amazement of everyone who knew her.


Tom, a 32-year-old electrical technician, also sustained a head injury in an auto accident. He received about a year of cognitive rehabilitation in different facilities, but he still was forgetful and couldn’t concentrate for very long.

Tom used SharperBrain for about two months, followed by SharperMemory for six weeks. (At that time, the programs were not available for home use, so Tom used them at the clinic.) After 4 months he was discharged, fully able to function at his pre-accident level. 


Ron, a 60-year-old government employee, was referred to us because of  cognitive deficiencies associated with a recent stroke. Practicing both SharperBrain and SharperMemory for 4 months, he recovered quickly and was able to return to work and drive a car again, to the great amazement of all the health care professionals involved in his treatment.


These case studies are a small sample. People from all walks of life have used the SharperPrograms to resolve memory and cognition problems, in some cases, problems that would not respond to conventional treatment. Some have responded very quickly; for others, the process of improvement has been slower.

Many have completely regained the memory capacity they enjoyed before their injury or stroke; some have regained it to a lesser degree. But without exception, every patient has improved.

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