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How SharperBrain Enhances Cognitive Skills

Listen to What Sarah Rowan, Mother of 9 Year Old Jonah, Had to Say About The Remarkable Results After Using SharperBrain with Her ADHD Son!

"Positive Improvements in Behavior and School...SharperBrain Really Worked for Him!"

The teacher noticed positive improvements in his behavior and school performance…he is less hyperactive, more attentive in class, more focused in finishing school tasks and during exams.

He is finishing his homework in less time than before. I also observed less unnecessary noise that he used to make when he is alone. Indeed SharperBrain really worked for him. I'm grateful to you and to this program.

- Dr. R. Paloma, MD (Pediatrician)


"My Son's Scores Improved from 52% to 78% in Less than a Month!"

My son improved his scores from an average of 52% to 78% in less than a month. There is a noticeable improvement in his ability to concentrate in class, even his teacher noticed that.

- M. Ng, Vancouver, Canada


"SharperBrain was a MAJOR Contributor for Being Able to Complete My MBA"

SharperBrain has helped me so much. I have no doubt that it was a major contributor for being able to complete my MBA. I would recommend your program to any university student wanting to improve his grades.

- J. Anderson, Seattle, USA


Getting An Enormous Amount of Homework Done - Plus Better Sleep and Concentration Despite Distractions!

I always knew I had problems with focus and concentration. I experienced them during classes and when preparing homework. I would lose concentration and patience very quickly when reading material I had no interest in, or during conversations. I also suffered from poor short-term memory and high level of distractibility and had problems organizing and planning, although I always wanted to be organized.

Four months ago, I heard about your Sharper Brain program and decided to buy it before I start a course in psychometrics. I started to practice every day for 30 minutes, and during the first two weeks, aside from improving the scores, I did not feel anything significant.

However, after two weeks, I started to notice when I am focused and when my thoughts begin to wander. I also started noticing how busy my mind was when I was trying to fall asleep. The more I worked with the program, the more my concentration improved. It enabled me to avoid distractions and stay focused as long as I needed to.

I am now one month into the course. Every meeting is 5 hours long and I am able to stay concentrated and focused all throughout these 5 hours, something I was never able to do before, regardless of how hard I tried. There are still distractions around me, however, I am aware of them and able to defuse them and stay focused.

I am getting enormous amount of homework, which I am able to do with ease. There has been a noticeable improvement in the quality of my sleep. I do not allow my mind to wander. I focus on falling asleep and therefore fall asleep much faster. This also enables me to easily wake up in the morning.

This is a positive cycle that has affected every area of my life and I owe you a big “thank you.” I was never so much in control over my thoughts and I attribute it totally to your amazing program. I believe that every person should use it to improve their cognitive skills and abilities and I have been recommending it to everyone I know.


Ori Em,
Tel Aviv, Israel

Note regarding side benefits

Although Sharper Brain is very effective in permanently improving all aspects of attention, concentration, working and short-term memory and various cognitive abilities (see all the direct benefits of SharperBrain here), we have seen many side benefits such as better sleep, improved mood, improved self-esteem and self-confidence, etc. Other benefits include improved organizational skills, planning and prioritizing capabilities.



Jenna's Story

My daughter Jenna was always daydreaming and when she was young it was amusing but as she got older, by grade 5, it became more noticeable since she did it often and in situations where it was not at all appropriate, for example, in class.

She has always had problems with multiple instructions or instructions with several steps. In grade 6, her teacher noticed that she just stopped computing information and zoned out whenever she felt overwhelmed. She would not absorb or remember instructions past the second or third step.

The daydreaming caused several problems in that she missed out on information given by the teacher and would have to catch up later. She also could not control her daydreaming, and it happened all the time and often, not by choice. She also had trouble focusing, concentrating and took a very long time to do homework.

In the first couple of months of grade 7, it became obvious that Jenna could not keep up and that something was a bit off. Jenna herself expressed frustration at not be able to keep up in class and the amount of time it took to do homework. She could not do homework by herself and had to be supervised very closely.

She could not do assignments by herself either and often it was because she was not clear on the objective since she had not heard the instructions which were all oral and never written down in class. After researching on the internet and talking to friends etc, I was lucky enough to hear about the program for focusing and memory.

I must mention that while I was thrilled to be hearing about this computer program, I was also very skeptical since I am an accountant and in accounting we focus on numbers in black and white. I did not know much about this subject and the whole area of special need programs. We then started with the computer program at home.

At the end of the third week we began noticing improvement in alertness, focusing and much less daydreaming. The first week back to school after the holidays Jenna was happy to report that she was able to concentrate in class with minimal daydreaming and found it easier to keep up and focus.

In fact she said that the program showed her how her brain was supposed to feel while focusing and she would bring on that focusing feeling in class to get focused. She was also less tired at the end of the school day and very much less overwhelmed.

She started doing her homework on her own more and more and even completed several assignments by herself. Her school marks have improved dramatically. Her horseback riding instructor also noticed that Jenna was able to follow dressage pattern steps much more readily whereas in the past Jenna would have to watch several riders go first to get the pattern and usually still had trouble.

She is now able to be the first one to try the pattern and usually is successful. Her science teacher, who had noticed the zoning out in class, said Jenna was now focused and participating in class. At the end of six weeks there was a distinct improvement in all areas.

I find that Jenna is actually more relaxed, shows more autonomy in getting things done, less tired, and never seems to get as overwhelmed with homework (even if it is a heavy week with lots of assignments). We have quite deliberately asked her to do several things at once, and find they all get done with minimal fuss.

She definitely could not do that before. I have found tutoring her in math (not her strong subject) is minimal now and if a concept is not understood, she can quickly grasp it when I explain it. Before I found I was trying to teach a concept (math) several different ways in order to get her to grasp it. Now she even gets it before I finish the explanation.

I would definitely recommend this program to any parent of a child or a person who is experiencing these symptoms. My daughter and I both see improvement in many areas and it is directly attributable to this program. It takes time and effort but it comes with the lifetime reward of being able to achieve your full potential.

We are now going to start Sharper Memory and alternate with Sharper Brain every couple of days.


M. Doherty
Toronto, Canada


Jenna is only one of hundreds of kids as well as adults enjoying the many benefits of SharperBrain.

By the way, SharperMemory is not a must program for ADD or ADHD but can be very helpful with LD conditions. It is also a great program for those suffering from memory problems that are not directly caused by lack of attention, and for those interested in generally maximizing their brain power.


"My Son Has Improved So Much in So Many Different Areas...I Can't Believe My Eyes!"

Since we bought the Sharper Brain program a couple of months ago, my son (Note: Irshad's son is 10 years old) has improved so much in many different areas that my eyes just cannot believe what I see.

He is beginning to manage his own time. He appears to have clear understanding of the task at hand and knows how to handle it by himself. By doing so he is getting more and more confident and as result our life has been less stressful.

He is still practicing Sharper Brain on a daily basis as little as 20 minutes a day, he now scores 100 % sometime and other time just below that(90%-96%).
The sessions he loves the most are the one where he has to listen and match color and sound. He also likes to do levels that involve multi-tasking.

He makes it ok to make mistakes and then goes on to correct it the next time around. My son would really want to come one day and meet you and thank you for the wonderful program the ACE Clinic put together.

I. Bangash, Markahm, Canada.

We just received this update from Mr. Bangash (3 months after his previous note):

I can say thanks but cannot say enough how SharpBrain has changed Sami's life within just 6 months. He has won 3 first prizes and some 2nd/3rd prizes in his Track and Field competition at his school. He finished 1st in 50 meter running, in jumping he finished 2nd and throwing he finished 2, and hitting target finished first. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


"My Concentration and Memory have Dramatically Improved"

Since the accident my memory and concentration were awful. I started using SharperBrain and SharperMemory a month ago. Since then my ability to concentrate and remember names, numbers, etc. dramatically improved.

- H. Grey, Florida, USA


"Life is so much smoother now thanks to SharperBrain! My daughter with ADD was so impressed with my recovery, she decided to do the program too!"

I started seeing results after using SharperBrain for about three weeks. Two months later I felt so good about myself and my ability to focus, that I decided to go back to work.

Only now that I have become more “normal” I can appreciate how much coping I had to put into compensating for my ADD related limitations. Life is now so much smoother thanks to your program, and I am still working on it. My next goal is to reach 95%. I know I can do it. My daughter Jennifer, also ADD, was so impressed with my recovery that she decided to do the program too.

Thank you so much for all your help. More people should know about what you do.

- A. Parsons, Los Angeles, USA


"SharperBrain is the BEST Thing that Happened to My 10 Year Old Son. He's More Focused and Seems to Be Much Calmer"

I want to thank you for your dedicated support in installing and using your SharperBrain program. SharperBrain is the best thing that happened to Paul (note: Paul is Brenda's 10 year old son). Not only is he so much more focused when studying, but he also seems to be much calmer.

- B. Miller, Toronto, Canada


"This is Incredible! Thank You for All Your Help in Making it Work So Successfully for My Son."

I purchased your program 3 months ago. I was really skeptical about it, but I thought I would give it a chance anyway. Well, I am glad I did. John (note: John is Mary's 12 years old son) came to me the other day and told me that he is feeling happier. I attribute it to his improvement in focus and memory since he started the program. We even have less arguments. This is incredible and I feel the need to thank you for all your help in making it work so successfully for John.

- M. Giovanni, New York, USA


"We've All Been Surprised By My Daughter's Progress in School. Your Support and Follow Through are Remarkable!"

I really hesitated before buying, because I was concerned about support here in Australia. I am glad I gave you guys a chance. Your support and follow through are quite remarkable and the suggestion you gave me really worked.

According to Sarah (note: Sarah is Darlene's 9 year old daughter) playing the piano has become easier since she started on the SharperBrain. She has even improved in math. We have been all surprised at her progress in school. Most of her ADHD symptoms have improved. I would like to start my son Carl on the program. He suffers from Dyslexia and learning disabilities.

- Darlene Davies


"It is impossible to describe how it feels to be able to listen to people and read an article, plus retain all the information!"

I now understand why you named your program Sharper Brain. That's exactly how my brain is feeling after using the program religiously for the last two months: very sharp! I believe that every person with ADHD should use it.

After having to deal with this condition for almost 40 years, it is impossible to describe how it feels to be able to listen to people without cutting them off mid-sentence and being able to read an article in a magazine without skipping words, not to mention being able to retain all the information without the need to re-read it five times.

- A. Berge, London, UK


"We've Seen Very Positive Strides in My 8 Year Old Son After About 3 Weeks on SharperPrograms!"

We have seen very positive strides (note: Warren's son is 8 years old) after about 3 weeks.  His ability to focus and complete work has improved. He now asks to sit alone when completing his homework, and he is getting it done without the huge hassle! Thanks for a great product. We have now referred a few people, who I hope will see equal results.

- W. Panem, Punta Gorda, Florida


"Both of My Sons Have Greatly Benefitted from Your Program"

Both my 12 year and 10 year old boys greatly benefited from your program. The most remarkable result is that they do not ask for help when doing homework. They also seem to be much calmer.

- A. Baird, Sydney, Australia


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