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How SharperBrain Software Works to Target the Frontal Cortex - The Attention and Concentration Center of the Brain

mentRather than teach participants how to "cope" with their attention or learning problems, SharperBrain repairs and restores normal brain functioning by targeting three distinct brain wave patterns:

  • The Calm State
  • The Focused State and
  • The Alert State

People with ADD/ADHD/LD often have trouble switching their mode of thinking from one state to another.  This often leads to children "daydreaming" or losing their focus the instant something else grabs their attention.

It can also lead to stress in the workplace - causing adults fall short in performance evaluations or ultimately lose their job because they cannot concentrate long enough to complete the task at hand.

SharperBrain is NOT a Computer Game

There are several supposed "games" on the market - the idea behind them being a way to cure ADD and ADHD just by playing on the computer.  While this does increase the user's level of focus in a short timeframe (you're under stress to beat the clock or some other game challenge) - it also leads to greater mental tension and can actually make ADD and ADHD symptoms worse.

See how SharperPrograms compares to ordinary brain fitness training!

SharperBrain is different.  It focuses on both mental and physical integration, is not "stuck" on a specific subject (i.e. "beat the clock"-type races), and teaches the mind to process visual and listening cues as you learn.

This kind of learning actually teaches the brain how to pay attention!  An enormous feat that most of us take for granted!

"Positive Improvements in Behavior and School Performance. SharperBrain really worked for him! "

The teacher noticed positive improvements in his behavior and school performance…he is less hyperactive, more attentive in class, more focused in finishing school tasks and during exams.

He is finishing his homework in less time than before. I also observed less unnecessary noise that he used to make when he is alone. Indeed SharperBrain really worked for him. I'm grateful to you and to this program.

Dr. R. Paloma, Pediatrician


SharperBrain Corrects and Helps Treat the Underlying Cause of ADD, ADHD and Learning Disabilities in Children and Adults!

Normally, special chemical messengers in the brain called "neurotransmitters" effortlessly switch our minds from calm state, to focused state, to alert state when we need it.  With ADD, ADHD and LD, these messengers are confused and not sure where to go or what to do. 

Sometimes they go off when they're not supposed to (for example, a child acting out during a lesson), or they fail to work when they should (daydreaming instead of studying). 

We're sure we don't have to tell you that the effect this can have on a person's self-image and esteem can be devastating.

That's why if you, a member of your family or a patient is suffering with learning issues or difficulty paying attention, you need to start training with SharperBrain right away.

"Your Staff Has Been Absolutely Wonderful and Supportive - Every Step of the Way!"

My 9 year old grandson who has been diagnosed ADHD started (SharperBrain) in January 2006. At first he was in 51% -75% range but now he is most of the time 80-98% and yesterday he went up to 100% and then we celebrated!

We have noticed he is able to sit and study for much longer time and he is kind of more aware of things and much more confident and certain about himself. And I guess the result will show better still in the long run.

I have to say that your staff has been absolutely wonderful and supportive in every step and for that I am so grateful.

E. Skeggjadóttir,

SharperBrain is clinically proven to reverse or reduce the effects of ADD, ADHD and learning disorders.  And there's no extra equipment, modules or additional software programs to buy - ever.

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