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About SharperPrograms and Our Program Support

ACE ClinicsSharperBrain and SharperMemory have been developed by clinicians at the Advanced Cognitive Enhancement (ACE) clinic in Toronto, Canada.

The programs have been extensively tested with many individuals suffering from attention deficit, memory, concentration, as well as other cognitive impairments.

If you have any questions related to these programs or would like to know whether they can help your specific problem, please feel free to contact us


Technical and Program Support for SharperBrain and SharperMemory

Both technical as well as professional support are included for 12 months at no additional cost. You will be able to consult with us if you have any questions or difficulties.

The programs record and monitor progress. The scores generated by the programs will indicate where your (or your child's) problems are, and we will help you interpret these scores and provide more feedback once you have reached certain points in the training.

No other program offers the comprehensive support and understanding that the SharperPrograms team delivers. We stand behind our product 100% and if you don't see noticeable results in you, your child's or a loved one's progress with either of our programs - you pay nothing!

We are committed to ensuring that you no longer have to live with or compensate for learning or memory disorders. Treat the problem at the source and watch as the results speak for themselves!

"Every Person with ADHD Should Use SharperBrain!"

I now understand why you named your program Sharper Brain. That's exactly how my brain is feeling after using the program religiously for the last two months: very sharp!I believe that every person with ADHD should use it.

After having to deal with this condition for almost 40 years, it is impossible to describe how it feels to be able to listen to people without cutting them off mid-sentence and being able to read an article in a magazine without skipping words, not to mention being able to retain all the information without the need to re-read it five times.

A. Berge, London, UK

Please consider the following:

1. We are not a software company. We are a cognitive clinic with extensive experience in the area of cognitive deficiencies.

2. Our programs were developed by clinical experts, and not by business people.

3. While being developed, these programs were tested for close to three years in our clinic, with numerous patients.

4. The programs are easy to use and are suitable for anyone from the age of 6 and up.

5. It takes only a couple of training sessions to realize how powerful the programs are in improving focus, attention, concentration and memory.

6. Our programs offer remediation and not just coping or compensation. Most people complete training within 2 to 4 months. More severe cases may take up to 6 months.

7. We offer unlimited professional support as part of the program. We are not aware of any program in the market that offers that. Please remember the program costs only $695. We are committed to help people resolve cognitive related problems using drug-free technology with zero side effects and a multitude of side benefits.

8. The programs work on both the neurological and the cognitive foundations of the brain to dramatically enhance cognitive abilities. This makes it easier for the brain to generalize the developed abilities to other areas (reading, learning, listening, and general attention and concentration). The program also helps in significantly improving regulation of motor skills, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Once achieved, results are permanent.

9. We believe that our SharperPrograms are the most cost/effective programs currently available. We have achieved  great success with ADD, ADHD and LD. We have treated numerous individuals with cognitive impairments as a result of an injury. We do not know of any program in the market that offers so much for so little.

10. Hundreds of children and adults have benefited from the program. For the long run it is cheaper than medication and unlike drugs it produces long term results. What else can you ask for?

We hope you will give our programs a chance to be able to see first hand what they can do for you and/or for your child. You will not regret you did.

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