SharperPrograms Help You (or your child) Achieve Significant Results in Improving ADD, ADHD, LD and Memory Problems


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The complete program consists of 2 modules Brain and Skill training and Memory training. The cost for each module is US$4000 and  US$7600 for the complete program ($400 discount)

All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

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What's included With My Order?

  • An installation CD and a user manual that will teach you how to get the most out of the program.
  • Special section for parents: How to motivate your child for success.
  • A library of over 20 professional articles on most aspects of ADD/ADHD/LD in children and adults.

Did you know that our programs generate accurate scores for each level of training? The scores serve as motivation to improve performance, as well as a great way to monitor progress.


The programs are backed by both technical as well as professional support to make sure you get optimal results.

SharperPrograms are leased for a period of one year. There is an option to buy the program, but in most cases (when practiced regularly) 3 to 5 months are needed to accomplish the necessary remediation associated with attention and memory impairments, and 6 months in more challenging cases. Initial results can be noticed within a few weeks of regular training already!

The SharperBrain program is unsuitable for completely color-blind individuals. There is no need to identify colors, but you will need to notice when a color changes. Most mild to moderate color blind individuals can do that.

System requirements:

We are currently offering only a PC compatible version of both programs. However, the programs will work well on a MAC with a Windows operating system installed, or Macs equipped with a Virtual PC software. 

Minimum requirements: Windows XP or higher (including the new Windows 7), 512 MB RAM, 5 MB space in your hard drive.

The programs do not require an Internet connection

The programs are licensed for installation on one computer for 12 months. Multi station options are available.

We hope you will give our programs a chance to be able
to see first hand what they can do for you and/or for your child.
You will not regret you did.

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SharperPrograms ADD/ADHD Software
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