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Articles, Research and Case Studies Done with SharperBrain and EEG Biofeedback

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Free Articles on ADD/ADHD in Children and Adolescents

Innovative Technologies for Treating ADD, ADHD, LD by Bob Gottfried, Ph.D.

Click here to read free articles on helping children and adolescents with ADD/ADHD

Case Studies Using SharperBrain

Using SharperBrain, A Computer-Assisted Program, to Treat Attention Deficit Disorders & Learning Disabilities: A Review of 3 Case Studies
Gottfried B., Ph.D.

Six-month follow up with children using the SharperBrain program

How SharperBrain compares to Neurofeedback

Case Studies Using EEG Biofeedback

EEG Biofeedback: A New Treatment Option For ADD/ADHD
Marabella A. Alhambra, M.D., Timothy P. Fowler, and Antonio A. Alhambra, M.D.

The effects of stimulant therapy, EEG biofeedback, and parenting style on the primary symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Monastra VJ, Monastra DM, George S.

For Educators:

Teaching Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Instructional Strategies and Practices (by the US Department of Education)

 The Results Speak for Themselves!

ADHD Symptoms Chart

"A Ground-Breaking Tool for All Children and Adults. Very Impressed with the Results and Possibilities."

This program is a ground-breaking tool that can be widely used to work with all children and adults, especially those with attentional challenges and learning disabilities. Having tried the program myself and worked with children using this program I have been very impressed with the results and possibilities.

Dr. Jackie Eldridge,
University of Toronto

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