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ACE Clinics - Advanced Cognitive Enhancement - Helping treat individuals who have suffered a head injury, stroke victims, students with ADD/ADHD who find it difficult to concentrate on their studies and people with memory loss due to stress or aging. Treatment is fully customized to the patient's needs and difficulties. Our rate of success is one of the highest in the field. - Dr. Gordon Ko's website for individuals with ADD/ADHD and memory loss. Includes accurate, proven tools to help reverse and treat these conditions. Imagine your new, stress-free life as a result of no longer having to try and force yourself to concentrate or remember!

Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids - Does your child have trouble talking about their feelings? Are they too quiet? Fear social situations? Act aggressively? Throw temper tantrums? Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids helps children understand their feelings and express themselves easily.

The ADHD Doc - Dr. Vincent J. Monastra, "the ADHD doc", is nationally recognized for his comprehensive treatment program for children, teens, and adults with this disorder, as well as for his groundbreaking research in developing a QEEG test for ADHD. His diagnostic and treatment techniques have been presented in his book, Parenting Children with ADHD: 10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach, featured in Reader's Digest's Medical Breakthroughs-2004, WebMD, and CNN science reports, and supported by numerous scientific papers.


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